Enter the next generation of game servers with our help.


Built for server admins and the players

Panel is built to make your server administration easier. Server control, modules, documentation and much more.

Designed to be modern

Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Panel feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation for modules and tools so you can learn about every feature.


You can enable only the modules that you want to use and leave the rest disabled.


A lot of the features are customizable so you can tailor the panel to your liking.

Permissions system

You can create roles and assign them permissions. Then you can assign any role to any user.


Check some of the modules that our panel offers

Supported platforms


FiveM opened a gateway to many great new game servers and that's why we want to make it even better.


Who doesn’t know one of the most popular games, called Minecraft? We love the game and it will be supported very soon (Java server versions which support Bukkit plugins - Bukkit/Spigot/PaperMC).

More coming soon

Great new games are being created constantly and we want to be there to help you with as many types of games as it is possible for us to support.

What do our customers say about it

“We have been using the panel for a few months now and we are very satisfied with the product. It offers more than any other similar product and it works very swiftly. The team is always open to hearing suggestions.”


“Our staff confirms that the panel is of very high quality and a pleasure to use. The Vactar team was very responsive when we had some questions and we are looking forward to continue using this amazing product.”


“We've been using this panel for more than 6 months and our opinion is very positive. The panel is very practical and professional. We use the panel primarily for banning and for jobs (Groups module). If we have any problems, the staff team helps us quickly and correctly. Very good thing, just keep going!”

How much does it cost?

per month

Access to all modules

10 Groups

30 global Pages and 10 Pages per group

Player Statistics: 30 days of daily and 6 months of monthly data + All Time value

8 Active Whitelist Application questions

3 Active Custom Player Detail types

Active Player Statistic Types: 4 global and 4 per Group

8 Active Application questions per Group

Action Logs: 100/slot global and 30/slot per group

Audit Logs: 50/slot

Automation rule executions: 3/slot per hour

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Please note that currently only Fivem ESX has Player Inventory saving and Player Details saving such as roleplay name and in-game money (which are specific to different frameworks). Other features are still available (Groups, Whitelist applications, Pages, Automation, Statistics, Audit logs, Action logs, etc.).