Automation and scripting becomes an easy task

Sometimes you just want to send a simple discord message when something happens or even run a server command. With our automation, this is possible.


As we already said, sometimes you just want to send a simple discord message when doing something on the panel. We agree and that's why automation exists. We didn't want to limit the system with simple discord messages, because there are so many things you can do, and giving an option is our biggest priority.

So that's why we wished, that you could make your unique magic with our system. Choose the trigger play with conditions and run the action.

So what can automation do?

Good question. The best way to tell you is to show you a few examples:

  • In the first case we want to send a Discord message when our staff bans someone and fun fact, this is the most typical case our customers ask about. And the answer is of course, yes you can. You just make a new automation rule that sends the Discord message and triggers when a new ban is issued.
  • But this is not all you can do. We are giving you many more triggers. One of the triggers is checking when a player is connecting to the server. And maybe you’re waiting for a specific player to join. So with automation, you can make a condition that will check if that specific player joined. And when it's true it can send a message or even run a server command.

Actions, triggers, and conditions

And that is not everything you can do with it. We have many more and are regularly adding new ones.

  • Next to player connecting and player banned we also have player saved that triggers every time a player data is saved on the server (every few minutes) and a group member added or removed trigger.

  • Next to Discord and server command actions, you can also update statistics through it.

And we get it! Sometimes things can be hard to understand. And do not worry, we have everything documented with many different cases that you can just copy over to your site. We are also regularly updating our knowledge base so you can always find something new.