Whitelist and magic when you add applications to it

Oh those pranksters, I just wish there would be a way to not allow them into the server... Wait... There is a solution! With our whitelist system, you can do just that. And with applications, you can even question and approve them before allowing them to join your server.


Sometimes you want to know who is joining the server and when those players are your friends, granting them access is not such a big problem. But what if those friends become a few hundred or even thousands of players?

Editing server files or joining the server every time you are adding someone can become annoying. So this is why we decided to provide you access to add or remove someone from it with ease. Just open the panel, whitelist them, and they can play.

But you may assume you somehow still need to check if they are worthy players. And of course, it's up to you, and if you want to, you do not need any other software for it, because we have got you covered with whitelist applications.

So what are those whitelist applications?

Glad you asked. Whitelist application is a system where you can define questions that your players need to answer. Then it's up to you and your staff to either deny or allow them to the server.