Groups and an unforgettable experience for your users!

Your players probably love to be part of something, and with groups, they can be. Allow them to run clans/jobs or other types of groups on your server. You can also use it for staff applications.


If we tell you that this is like a panel inside a panel, you probably would not believe us. And hey, we wanted that your players can feel the same uniqueness as you. So we made a panel inside a panel.

And no anxiety, groups are still controlled by you and your staff. As much as groups are for players, they are also for you.

So how do groups work?

As we said, groups are panel inside a panel. Like the groups are a module for your site, they also have modules to enable inside. So how do they work?

  • So, let's say you want a group for server admins, and you are also accepting new staff. Thou also want to have a statistic for all bans issued by them. And yes, this is possible with groups and with little help from automation.
  • You can also have, let's say, a group for mechanics job that is controlled by players. All you have to do is to create a role for the leader of the group. Then set its permission and see the magic happen. And if a job script/plugin allows it, you can even create a work log for them. And let it be a group for police, helpers or mafias and gangs, it's all up to you and your players.

We want that your players can feel the same power of controlling something as you do. But it's not limited just to the players. It is for you or anything or anyone you want. The only limit is your imagination.