Banning system and everything you can do!

Trolls, hackers, and upright offensive players? Yes, they do exist and you want the ban hammer, right? And with our panel, you can get one. Hammer time them easily any time and anywhere you want. Let the ban hammer speak!

Banning system in action

Trust can sometimes be a big problem when you accept new staff. Every so often you even require extensive documents of rules that your staff needs to read, which lowers their morale and they are immediately less reliable. With our bans module, we are trying to help both parties, you and your staff.

The limit of how much do you want to control your staff is up to you. Want them to punish players through pre-made reasons? Very well, you can achieve that actually, this is the most significant part of our banning system.

Ban reasons

So what are those ban reasons you ask? It's essentially a simple system. You can create as many reasons as you want, with custom names and time. The sole thing that your staff then needs to do is just to select the reason why the players are being banned. Everything else will be done exactly the way you set it up.

  • Let's say you created a reason "hacker" and the ban will be permanent. Therefore, when a staff encounters a hacker, he merely selects that player. He chose the reason "the hacker" and the player will get a permanent ban for hacking.
  • But a permanent option is not the only one. When creating a ban reason you have an option permanent or time. Therefore let's say you create ban reason "spammer" and for the time you give 2 days. So as in the previous one when a staff bans someone with a reason "spammer", the player will be banned for 2 days.

Permissions exist

Like we said it's up to you how to control and creating ban reasons is not the only way. We also divided everything into different permissions. That way it's truly up to you what you desire.

  • Do you want that your panel users can watch all bans ever issued? Yes, you can do that!

  • Do you want that your staff can ban someone for a custom reason? No problem, merely grant them the desired permission.

  • Do you want that your staff can also delete issued bans? Yeah, permission for that exists too.

Discord message through automation

We are also offering you an option to send a custom message or messages when a new ban is issued through a module called automation (click here to read more about it).

And that's not all that you can create in automation with bans. It's up to you what you want, mostly it's used for discord messages but you can even reward your staff if you want.