Roles and permissions

You can create roles and assign them permissions. Then you can assign any role to any user.



Custom roles

You can create your own roles that fit your community.

Default role

All users have a default role.

Customizable with colors

Add a personality to the roles with colors.


General permissions

Control the permissions for every part of the whole panel.


Each module has it's own set of permissions

Easy operation

Add or remove permissions with ease


Control your server

List of Online players

On our panel you can easily see who is online at this moment.

Fast action

You can kick or ban players from the server in no time.

Whitelist and applications

Oh those pranksters, I just wish there would be an efficient way to not allow them into the server... Wait... There is a solution! With our whitelist system you can do just that. And with applications you can even question and approve them before allowing them to join your server.


Create question

You can create as many questions as you want, easiy and fast.


Wait for the players to fill the applications.

Review the applications

Approve or deny the applications, you can even leave the comment for the players to read.


Banning system

Trolls, hackers, and upright offensive players? Yes, they do exist and you want the ban hammer, right? And with our panel, you can get one. Hammer time them easily any time and anywhere you want. Let the ban hammer speak!

Ban reasons


Discord message

Player history


Sometimes you just want to send a simple discord message when something happens or even run a server command. With our automation, this is possible.

Group Member Added
Player Kicked
Group Action Log Created
And many others...


Trigger actions when someone is connecting the server, or every few minutes on player saves. Trigger them if someone is get banned or kicked. If a member is added or removed from group or on any other trigger case.


Check at what hour is someone connecting to your server or even who is connecting. Check whether created ban is permanent. And many more options.


Send a Discord message, update the statistics or run server commands and more!

Run Server Command
Call Discord Webhook
Update Player Statistic